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Digital events platform hosting live and recorded content to socially-engaged and inclusive audiences.

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A 6-seat online social bubble that allows a digital audience to behave like a live audience.

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Main Features

Hypersay Events is an end-to-end solution for digital and hybrid events. Our features are intuitive and easy to use. Starting with the registration page, through to ticketing and ending with a customised live streaming stage. Below is a list of the 6 favourite features of our customers.


Introducing an entirely new way to attend a live event for up to 10000 people, where no one feels alone.

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Interactive Spaces

Fast interaction in a super-low latency video streaming space for highly engaged audiences.

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Live Subtitles

Automated live subtitle captioning and translations in 60+ languages for your international attendees.

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Live Streaming Studio

You don’t have a sophisticated video broadcasting solution? Use our built-in easy solution to stream immediately.

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Media Sharing

Create a TV-like, professional experience by combining pre-recorded and live content in the same streaming session.


Bespoke music and ambience sounds, facilitating emotional connections and interactions.

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What event organisers say

Shereen Daniels

Managing Director, HR Rewired

[...] They have a FrontRow feature which basically allows attendees to network in like a little bubble for want of a better word, and partway through our broadcast, because we had so much kit, and as I said, it's TV grade production.

We lost power in the building we were streaming from and the Hypersay team quickly let everybody know that we have this FrontRow feature and it pretty much lit a spark for the whole conference. And just to let you know, the conference ran for 8 hours and we had to kick people off at the end.

So if you're debating whether or not to give Hypersay a go, I can promise you you won't be disappointed. They're like my default now they're not going anywhere.

Michelle Hopper

Head of Events, LUSH

We recently used Hypersay.Events to host the grand re-opening of Lush’s anchor store on Oxford Street, London.

The service we received from the team at Hypersay.Events was impeccable, their speedy responses and solutions helped to make the event a great success. For example, two days before the event we decided to stream the event live with a GoPro camera. Instead, the team at Hypersay.Events suggested simply using a mobile phone to stream from which made things 10 times easier and allowed us to reliably capture the audience, the employees and the entire store during the ‘Grand Opening’.

The Front Row was a wonderfully unique tool to get our employees from around the globe chatting to each other. We will be using Hypersay.Events again very soon.

Regys Badi

Head of Content, MinuteShorts

We hosted a film event combining different elements, 9 short films on the theme of love, live actor and artist performances and a DJ set. Hypersay Events platform made the entire event feel ALIVE and smooth for our audience. As an organiser, we loved the seamless switch from live performance to film, as well as the chat function which was fun to see guest reactions through. It really felt like a well rounded virtual experience which is sorely needed right now! The after-party DJ was also a hit as the audience hung out inside the Front Row chatting and dancing from the comfort of their homes.

Michael Cholod

CEO, ManyOne

I recently gave a presentation about NFTs on Hypersay Events platform. After the short presentation, I left the stage and entered into a few different ‘Front Rows’ within the platform and spent +20 minutes answering questions, giving advice and meeting new contacts. It reminded of what I use to do when I gave live presentations. Jump down from the podium and mingle with the audience. Very powerful and intimate, yet digital.

Theodor Vararu

Senior Javascript Developer, TVararu

Hypersay is really well put together. The design is cohesive and intuitive. Very impressed with my experience as a speaker.


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