Inclusivity in Global Digital Events

Partnership 121 Captions and Hypersay Events

Hypersay Events and 121 Captions are pleased to announce their new strategic collaboration. The two companies are partnering to offer event organisers a state-of-the-art solution for their global digital events addressing a diverse international audience.

121 Captions are experts in providing verbatim real-time captioning during both live and on-line events. Hypersay Events is a digital events platform focused on social interaction and language inclusivity. Within one single platform the two companies will offer a multitude of communication channels for international audiences and attendees with hearing loss or vision difficulties. The features include:

  • 99% accurate Human Captioning of Live Streams in multiple languages
  • AI-powered live translations in 120+ languages
  • Live Audio Translations for Human Interpreters
  • Visual styling to help with subtitle legibility
  • Live Sign Language window for people with hearing loss
  • Instantaneous translations of Live Chat Channel
  • RTMP support
  • Multiple Captioners without the need for an API

Overcoming the communication barriers which exist within digital events will expand the global reach and effectiveness for event organisers. Having all the tools in one platform, serviced by professional translators and steno captioning will reduce language obstacles and provide clients the ability to seamlessly communicate to a global digital audience. In particular, adopting a human-powered captioning service increases the overall accuracy to the highest possible level for all those contexts where accuracy is essential: economic forums, higher education conferences and scientific summits, international bodies, corporate town-halls, etc.

Tina Lannin, CEO of 121 Captions says:

Our clients need one digital events platform that can accommodate all their attendees transcriptions or translations needs. Hypersay Events is a one-stop shop that services all the communication challenges which occur during a digital event.

Paul Balogh, CEO of Hypersay Events says:

The next step in digital events is servicing international audiences without any communication barriers. Our collaboration with 121 Captions gives us all the tools to host digital events that will be inclusive for all attendees.

London, December 2021


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