The FrontRow

Never Alone

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What is a FrontRow?

A 6-seat online social bubble that allows a digital audience to behave like a live audience. Think of it like a digital couch that allows you and others to watch the same event together.

Discuss, laugh, share. Never feel alone.

High Definition Audio

A FrontRow is an opt-in high quality audio call among participants. Audio-only helps reduce the video-fatigue and enables your attendees to participate and enjoy the event even more.

Private or Public?

By default, FrontRows can be discovered and joined by other attendees (should seats be available).

However, you can control access even further by making a FrontRow purely private: i.e. only those you invite can join.

Hop in and out

FrontRows are always on for the entire duration of the event. Attendees are free to opt-in & opt-out of FrontRows anytime. Or they can open a new one.


FrontRows are the perfect post-Covid networking solutions for a hybrid event. In-person and remote attendees can meet, mix, match and mingle inside FrontRows wherever they are in the world.

30 Minutes more

On average, attendees spend an additional 30 minutes inside FrontRows after an event has ended exchanging ideas, details and thoughts on the event. Remember when audiences used to linger at in-person conference? They now do inside FrontRows.


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