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Bring speakers and attendees closer

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What is an Interactive Space?

A real-time environment shared by speakers and attendees alike. This enables speakers adopt a fluid style: ask attendees to join temporarily as speakers to ask questions, much like you would do in a physical space where you can pass the mic to take a question or a comment from your audience.

Perfect for workshops, webinars, sidepanels, fireside chats, etc.

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One click away

The fundamental principle of an interactive space is the ease in changing one’s role: speakers can become attendees and attendees can become speakers with ultimate ease and control. Everybody’s one click away.

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Super low latency

Traditional live streaming’s tradeoff is “streaming to more people while accepting a high latency”: a delay between a speaker and its audience that is measured in tens of seconds (typically 10 to 40 seconds). This makes taking questions or polling the audience an awkward task.

Interactive rooms offer a very low latency of up to 400ms (less than 1/2 of a second). Interactivity becomes natural.

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Listen to your attendees. Literally!

Attendees are here to listen to your speakers. But great events know how to listen to their attendees. Interactive rooms allow attendees to "raise a hand" to ask a question or provide a comment.


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