Live Subtitles

Multi-language events done right!

What are live subtitles?

Machine learning and automatic live captioning lower the barrier for enabling multi-language events and dramatically improve accessibility.

Running your event on Hypersay Events platform allows for speech recognition and automated translations in 60+ languages.

Speech recognition

We are using the latest algorithms to power the best possible captioning service. It works in real-time.

The attendees can access the live transcription right in the same live event interface.

Automated Translations

Transcriptions are great for enabling same-language captioning. But truly international conferences require translations. Hypersay Events allows for automatic, machine learning-based, translations in 60+ languages.

Improving accuracy

We are using the latest algorithms to power the best possible service. But these models are not perfect and, at times, accuracy can become a problem.

Factors such as background noise, quality of microphone, local accent, internet speed and pace of speech will highly influence the number of mistakes that occur.

Important tip: train the speakers to use quality wireless headphones. They will greatly improve the quality of speech recognition.


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