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Diversity & inclusivity

International events are multi-lingual & diverse by design. Hypersay Events enables state-of-the-art features to handle live content both for multi-lingual audiences and for people requiring advanced accessibility: from automatic and human captioning, to real-time translations, support for human interpreters and sign language.

Automatic captioning

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is the first step towards an inclusive digital events. We use AI to automatically turn speech into live subtitles. This allows both deaf & hard-of-hearing persons and non-native listeners to have an improved experience of your event.Accuracy: 60-80%

Human captioning

To maximise captioning accuracy we recommend you rely on human captioning. We work with specialised agencies to provide you with the best possible professionals delivering real-time high-speed captioning (250 to 300 wpm). Works perfectly for situations where brand names, proper nouns, and finer details need to be accurate.Languages supported: Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.Accuracy: 90-99%

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Translated subtitles

Once the speech-to-text transcription (either automatic or human-generated) is obtained, you can enable automatic translations. You can choose to enable a wide range of languages to be delivered as alternative subtitles.Note: best results when paired with human captioning but works well with automatic captioning. We support 120+ languages.


We support professional interpretation services as parallel audio channels. The audio channels are available as alternate audio tracks for your live streamed content right inside Hypersay Events, without the need for handling an external system.Note: contact us for recommending 3rd party interpretation agencies

Sign language support

Hypersay Events also offers support for sign language. We have created a dedicated feature to stream interpreter’s video feed overlayed to the original video.

Unified experience

While our platforms was built to handle complex scenarios (with many languages running in parallel as text, audio and video), we have strived to offer a simple, unified experience for your attendees. Everything is integrated into a simple video interface. Your attendees can personalise their own experience by enabling only the specific languages or language support they require.


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