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What is the Studio?

A separate, secure, web application to act as digital greenroom or backstage for your speakers. They can meet in the studio, prepare, communicate and, when ready, start broadcasting.

Each stage inside your event has its own separate studio.

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RTMP vs The Studio

If you prefer to use your own software that can output a live stream as an RTMP stream, we have you covered. If you don’t and you simply want to invite speakers to a secure place to act as a ready greenroom, the Studio is for you.

Pre-recorded or live video? Or both?

Event organisers constantly need to mix pre-recorded and live content. We have built a neat feature inside our Studio to seamlessly handle playing any mp4 files stored on your hard drive at excellent quality. Now you can easily play ads, recorded presentations or entire films with just one click.

Hard to tell what’s pre-recorded and what’s live.

Take the pulse

As a speaker it’s easy to forget your attendees and get carried away by your presentation. We make it harder to ignore the audience by bringing the public chat inside the Studio for speakers to monitor.

The simplest way to take the pulse of your audience.

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Save for later

Events are unique moments in time. We help you capture these moments by default. On closing the event we will provide you the recorded version that you can download and use as you please.


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